BIO5 Drug Discovery and Development

BIO5 Oro Valley is housed in the former Oro Valley, Arizona drug discovery facility of Sanofi. This industry-style campus is the focus of the translational drug discovery and development effort at the University of Arizona. The site comprises a team of internationally recognized ex-industrialists developing a unique culture to promote innovation via the merging of academic and industrial expertise in concert with new approaches, chemistries, targets, and collaborations to expeditiously bring new therapeutics to the patient in need.  

BIO5 Oro Valley is positioned to collaborate to create high-impact, translational success in the drug discovery world. We seek collaborators from industry and academia to share in our vision and success of innovating the next generation of drugs for patients. Collaboration opportunities include co-development, SBIR, and other grants as well as licensing. Our highly skilled chemistry team is seeking academic partners with new targets for drug discovery. We also offer candidate to IND drug development.

Located just north of Tucson and nestled in the foothills of the Santa Catalina mountains, Oro Valley has emerged as a bioindustry hub, where Sanofi, Ventana-Roche, and Innovation Park are located.